Walks with Atka ≫≫ Part 2

I had waaaaay too many pictures for just one post of pictures from our walks with Atka, so I had to break them up into two posts. We've been loving this trail across the street from our house in the valley...anyone in Juneau recognize this walking area? I'd love to know the name of it, if there is one.

Whatever it's name is, it's a beautiful spot to walk the dog and see the glacier...

On Dave ≫≫ Sweater: Blarney Woolen Mills // Boots: Bogs

Dave ordered this sweater he's wearing in all of these pictures a few weeks ago. I had to share it on here because to say he loves it is the understatement of the century. Going to order something from their shop for myself soon...trying to decide between this sweater in natural, this hoodie in charcoal grey, or this cape in red. What do you all think? And yes, we know it's almost summer, but the evenings are still a bit chilly here.