Places to Visit in Anchorage, Alaska ↠ Glacier BrewHouse.

Glacier BrewHouse was probably our favorite spot to get out and have a bite and a beer downtown. It was the first place Dave took me when I first got to Anchorage and we loved walking up from our loft downtown and grabbing a beer the summer we lived there.

Their food is pretty expensive for the portions, but that's not out of the norm for Alaska. You're going to run into that problem just about everywhere. The beer is deeeeelicious though and I miss it living here in Juneau!

Glacier BrewHouse | Mallorie Owens
Downtown | Mallorie Owens

We love the crab cakes and their pizzas. My favorite Glacier BrewHouse beers on tap are the IPA, Blonde, and Raspberry Wheat. Most of our trips were just for a beer to unwind on the weekends...

Glacier BrewHouse | Mallorie Owens
On Tap, Glacier BrewHouse | Mallorie Owens

I definitely recommend at least making a pit stop for some beer if you're headed to Anchorage this summer! If you do, make sure to have one for me. ;)

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