Places to Eat in Juneau, Alaska ↠ Twin Lake Cafe.

Dave and I made friends with a man that works at Fred Meyers here in Juneau, he invited us awhile back to come visit his restaurant so he could cook for us. He's a sweet Korean man, and knew how much Dave loved his time in Korea and is always searching for wonderful Korean food here in the States. Little tip, there aren't many places you can find authentic Korean. Trust me.

We went about a month ago and were kicking ourselves for not going sooner! We both requested bibimbap on our first trip and it was the best I've ever had. On Friday, we went back, we'd seen Joon (the owner) at Fred Meyer the night before and he told us he was going to make something special for both of us.

We didn't realize it was Alaska Day and were so sad when we showed up and the building was closed (Twin Lakes is inside the VTRC building in Juneau). We were just about to leave when Joon came out and told us he was open for us, we felt so special! He made us a HUGE platter full of tempura vegetables and shrimp. SO GOOD! There was a huge salad in the middle and it was so delicious we had to ask for the dressing recipe. Luckily, as we were stuffing our faces, he let us know to not eat it all because he had more coming.

The main course was tofu steak with yummy mushrooms on top for me and veggies and bulgogi for Dave. The plates were overflowing with amazingness and of course I was stuffed after a few bites, but leftovers were just as good...

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