Places to Eat in Haines, Alaska ↠ Mountain Market Cafe.

Mountain Market Cafe was the first place we ate when we drove through Haines on our way to Juneau, and we knew we had to come back on this trip. It's the perfect stop for a road trip...great coffee, light/delicious lunches, and a few sweet treats. What more could you need? Oh ya, there's wifi. I don't even have service in the rest of Haines, but I can catch up on some instagram posts before driving through the Yukon where you can't use your phone at all. Perfect.

It's inside a little market (obviously), so you can also grab a few granola bars or anything else you might need for the rest of your trip if you're making a drive. All the wraps we've tried have been yummy and I highly recommend grabbing a pumpkin cookie when they're in season. ;)

More places to visit/eat in Haines, here. And more to come this month!