Current Beauty Wants.

I love going through all of my makeup in January and throwing out the expired and taking note of things I'd love to have. It's a great time to get reorganized and maybe even spend a bit of your Christmas cash on a few items for yourself. Here's a few things that are on my current beauty wishlist...

1 // GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatmeant ≫≫ I talked about this treatment before, but I still haven't pulled the trigger! I'm not exactly sure why, I know I can try the smaller version for $20, but I've never really tried an at-home treatment like this (bad girl). All I know is, if it does what it says it's supposed to, I could really use it right about now.

2 // NARS Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ≫≫ I keep seeing these on people and falling in love, but like the GLAMGLOW treatment, it's a bit out of my comfort zone. My word for 2015 is "brave" and one of the things that comes with it is stepping out of my zone with things like bright/bold lips. I think my first purchase would be the color "Never Say Never" pictured above, it's such a pretty rose color!

3 // Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette from Morphe Brushes ≫≫ Ok, so...if you watch youtube makeup tutorials at all, I know you've come across (or probably love, like me) Jaclyn Hill. And if you do, then I know you've heard of her favorites palette with Morphe, that everyone on earth tried to get their hands on and it was a big hot mess and broke the internet. I was one of the lucky ones that got through and was able to order the should be here just in time for my birthday in February (thanks Dave), can't wait! They're restocking next month if you didn't get your hands on one, the colors look gorgeous and I've been dying to try Morphe's eyeshadows.

4 // Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume ≫≫ I think I'm the last person on the planet to fall in love with this perfume, but I recently got the sample size from Sephora I've been wearing it almost daily. I don't really need another perfume, I usually only buy one at a time, but I'm loving the look of the pretty little rollerball version. We'll see.

5 // Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Vanilla Apricot ≫≫ I've been lusting over all the Josie Maran products, especially the argan oil skincare line for awhile now. I didn't think I'd ever want to spend the money on this lotion, but after seeing her show it off on QVC at my in-laws, I had to add it to my wishlist. It looks so light and fluffy yet extremely moisturizing (which I need)...someday I'll have to splurge and grab it. Although I should do it now, since Sephora is offering double points on skincare items right now. Hmm...

6 // Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish ≫≫ You would think I would have been using nail polish that was free of the nasty chemicals a long time ago, since I try to be as healthy as possible with everything I eat and the lotions I use, etc. I honestly never realized just how bad most nail polishes are, probably because I didn't want to know, until recently. Now I own two Deborah Lippmann nail polishes and I'd love to get some a few more. They're a bit pricey for me, especially since my favorites are the $3 Wet N Wild nail polishes.

What about you? Let me know what your current beauty wish list looks like in the comments!