PLACES TO EAT IN Anchorage, Alaska ↠ Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria.

Ask anyone who lives in Anchorage, or has visited on vacation, for restaurant suggestions and Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria is almost always the first place suggested. Dave and I had it on our list of places to visit the entire time we lived in Anchorage, but it ended up being one of the last places we tried since we lived there in the summer and the place was packed (with a patio full of people on the waiting list) at all hours of the day. 

We went back last week when we made our trip to Anchorage (it was just that good) and there was still a crazy wait, which says a lot since it's still winter and most things slow down a lot up here. Totally worth the wait...

Moose's Tooth | Mallorie Owens
Moose's Tooth Anchorage | Mallorie Owens
Moose's Tooth | Mallorie Owens
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So good. 

If you make a trip to Moose's Tooth, you must...MUST try the Diablo Bread Sticks. They are (second from last picture above) cheese sticks with chili spices and the most amazing chipotle and ranch dipping sauce. And now I'm drooling. 

We've tried two different kinds of veggie pizzas and they were both delicious. Their beer makes the trip worth it too, I've gotten the Wild Country Raspberry Wheat both times and wish I could get some here in Juneau!

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