Places to Eat in Anchorage, Alaska ↠ Alaska Cake Studio

I fell in love with Alaska Cake Studio when Dave and I lived in Anchorage. It's kind of funny, I've never actually had any of their cake, though the little bon bons look delicious. What I am hooked on, at their cute little cafe, is their latte with almond syrup. Yum. You know it's good when I walked a mile in the bone chilling cold/wind to grab one on our last day in town this visit. 

Alaska Cake Studio | Mallorie Owens

The people that work there are always super sweet when you come in and Dave and I enjoyed going there to work on things and people watch, downtown Anchorage is great for that- especially in the summer. 

Alaska Cake Studio, Downtown Anchorage | Mallorie Owens
Alaska Cake Studio | Mallorie Owens
Alaska Cake Studio, Anchorage, Alaska | Mallorie Owens
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Next time I'm definitely grabbing a few bon bons to go with my almond latte!

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