Iris Ann Owens ↠ 7 Months Photo Shoot

Seven Months has been so much fun with Iris, I truly wish time could slow down a bit at this phase! She's growing so fast and learning so much, I love watching her face light up as she learns new things. Our girl is strong, brave, goofy, fearless (I'm in for a few heart attacks), inquisitive, and oh so sweet. This month, she cut a tooth, loves pointing at everything, started signing "more", rocks a bit to music, and has become a bit more independent. 

Iris is fast and on the move these days and it was making our monthly photos next to impossible! As soon as I'd lay her down, she would flip over and start crawling. Dave came in and did his tricks to help district her and make her those photos below. I ended up taking the party outside and I'm so glad I did. These are my favorite photos of her yet! 

We can't see what eight months with Iris has in store for us!