Iris Ann Owens ↠ 8 Months Photo Shoot

I'll probably say this every month, but I'm pretty sure 7-8 months was the fastest month ever! In the past month, Iris started clapping at "yay" and "good job", pulls up on everything, laughs when several adults are laughing (cracks me up), started eating more solids, and has gotten so quick when assisted walking. She's in the 95th percentile for weight and head size and over 99th percentile for height! Never did I ever think I'd have such a long baby...I'm only 5'2"!

Iris loves being swung upside down, the wind (or Mom and Dad) blowing in her hair, and getting chased. Our little wild child is more gun by the minute...

It hit me as I was editing these photos last week, we're 2/3 of the way to the one year crazy! I cried when I realized that, of course. Soaking up every second I can with our sweet baby.