Places to Visit in Juneau, Alaska ↠ Eagle Beach.

Eagle Beach has become our favorite place to let Atka run wild here in Juneau. It's gorgeous out there and the face she gets when she's running free at a ridiculous pace makes me so very happy. We have a good sized yard, but no fence so it's nice to let her really run it out every now and then.

Plus, it always amazes me how quiet it is out there. It can be a bit of a drive compared to most places in Juneau, but I think it's worth it and really it's not that far. We're just spoiled here.

There are also cabins at Eagle Beach that look nice and places to camp out there in the summer, if we were visiting Juneau for more than a day (aka not on the cruise ships), I'd be looking into staying out here or somewhere else up North. Peaceful with amazing views, all I need for a great vacation. Ok, maybe a few beers or tropical drinks, depending on the trip. ;)

On one of our first trips up here we saw a bear, but that was in the summer and a bunch of campers were grilling salmon...newbies. Although it's always good to keep an eye out and a camera ready! Even if you don't get to photograph a bear, you'll still get some pretty pictures...

Incredible right? I am lovingggg the Fall colors here! They're just as breathtaking as I remember. Although Eagle Beach was also gorgeous in the Spring, since it had all of the pretty wild iris'. I hope you all are enjoying the changing Fall colors as well!


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