Currently ≫≫

We're still getting settled here in Juneau, Alaska and I know everyone is getting back to the grind after a wonderful 3 day weekend, so I thought I'd share a little music, a few pictures, and what I'm currently up to...

Playing ≫≫

Iron & Wine, Norah Jones, Cardigans, The Weepies...all of the perfect Fall artists.

Craving  ≫≫

All things pumpkin! Juneau has Fall written all over it and I can't wait to start baking and making this drink...I crave pumpkin all year round, but this time of year it's a necessity.

Learning ≫≫

How important a morning routine can be. I know this sounds so simple, and really it is, but since I mainly work from home I've been learning to wake up and do a few of the same things right off the bat to establish a routine, it really gets my day off to a better start. Especially when that routine involves reading my new devotional from Dave's Nana and sipping on my hot coffee or tea.

Wearing ≫≫

The Hunter boots from my Daddio. I love those things anyways, but they are perfect here in rainy Juneau!

Sun Flare | Mallorie Owens

Needing  ≫≫

This lens (in my dreams). Alaska is way too big for my 50mm!

Making ≫≫

 Lots of vines. Juneau has really inspired me to start using vine on a regular basis, it's just too pretty here to limit myself to pictures! If you're on there and love pretty landscape videos, just search for Mallorie Owens.

River | Mallorie Owens

Loving ≫≫

Our new place! It's just a tiny little rental house, but it's fully furnished (perfect for us right now) and has a huge backyard and deck right in front of Mendenhall Glacier River. It's so much fun sitting out there listening to the rush of the river and the screams of the people that go white water rafting down it.