New Online Concert Series!

My husband, Dave Owens, aka Raven and the Dove is starting a new online concert series that starts on Monday! He'll be giving away a pair of Velodyne vFree Bluetooth Headphones at each concert the next three Mondays...we have a few pairs of Velodyne's (including the vFree) and LOVE them. Not to mention, they're a $300 value! All you have to do to win is buy a ticket (you name the price) and share the concert details on social media. That's it!

Dave Owens as Raven and the Dove | MALLORIE OWENS

I hope to "see" some of you at the concert on Monday. Let me know in the comments if you'll be there! And if you have any covers you'd love to hear, he's taking requests this weekend! In the meantime, you can hear a few of his songs, here.

Dave Owens of Raven and the Dove | MALLORIE OWENS

Also, we did a mini photo shoot last night to get some new promo pictures for the series and the new website (coming VERY soon!)...Dave's my toughest subject to photograph because he hates getting his picture taken and always has a very specific idea of what he wants. But I think we got some great shots and he always pushes me to be a better photographer. What do you think of the new pictures?

Something Corporate ↠ Live in Atlanta

This month I got to see a band live in concert that I have been DYING to see since I was about in other words, this experience was a decade in the making, which means I was pretty dang excited!  I fell in love with Something Corporate back in high school and they have been one of my top five bands ever since, unfortunately they never came to the city I was in and then in 2005 they stopped touring together.  Meanwhile, the lead singer/piano player (the talent of the group- in my eyes) started up a band, Jack's Mannequin, and was diagnosed with/fought Leukemia...and while I love Jack's Mannequin, it just wasn't the same.  But, this summer they are back together and touring for the first time in 5 years! They didn't come to Knoxville, so we got tickets to see them in Atlanta.

The venue was called The Masquerade and it was the perfect venue to see live music in because it was a smaller, more intimate venue.  Once we were inside we got really got spots with a perfect view of the piano. 

Something Corporate | Mallorie Owens

We entertained ourselves during the wait by listening and watching the couple next to us. Our guess is there were around 19...the guy was around 6'5" and his girlfriend was maybe 5'4" and when we got there she was clinging to his side, mind you there was no AC in there and everyone is shoulder to shoulder...the last thing you would want is someone hanging all over you. The WHOLE time we waited for Something Corporate to come on, she was whining about everything you could imagine in a high pitched voice..."I can't see", "it's hot in here", "can we get closer"...while tugging on his shirt to get his attention (since his tactic was to just look straight ahead and pretend not to hear, haha.)  Then when she wouldn't get a response, or the answer was no, she would cross her arms and *humph* was hilarious.

I was just praying that she would stop once it started and thankfully she did, the show was better than I imagined (which says a lot) and they rocked the house!  Their use of lighting was amazing...

Something Corporate | Mallorie Owens
Andrew McMahon | Mallorie Owens

By the time it was the encore, everyone had shifted and people had moved to the back or left (losers) so we had an even better view for some of my favorites (I love all of their songs, but the best of the best)...including Punk Rock Princess and Konstantine.  

Andrew McMahon | Mallorie Owens

The picture above is Andrew McMahon hanging from the rafters. Amazing. You can always expect the best show out of Andrew...standing on the piano, jumping around stage, and other such shenanigans. Love.