Mountains, Docks, and Fog...oh my!

Juneau, Alaska is known for it's ample rainy days (the weather is a lot like Seattle, but colder). Even on a local brochure, in the FAQs section, they answer the question "Does it ever stop raining?" with "Yes, sometimes it snows." *Insert side-eye complete with eye-roll*.

Honestly, Juneau has been good to us since we've been here (knock on wood), and I make sure to relish the sunny days...just in case. But, there's something beautiful in the overcast/foggy days too. Only Alaska could take what would be a gloomy scene anywhere else and turn it into a magical one. I right? Don't get me wrong, I still hope and pray for sunshine as much as possible, but I'm enjoying finding the beauty these kind of days when they come.