Things you only hear in Alaska...

I've been taking note of a few things that make me laugh since we've been here, there's a few things that you won't see/hear in the lower 48 (as Alaskan's call the rest of the US) and I thought I'd share!

Only in Alaska | Mallorie Owens

Only in Alaska... overhear a phone conversation that starts out, "Well, the first moose I ever ran over..."

...the gas station is pushing "2 for $1 sushi" instead of hotdogs.

...local kids walk out of a store when it's 70 degrees and yell, "...but it's so HOOOOOOT!"...and people are walking around sweating to death and fanning themselves at 80 degrees. Not to mention the whole city of Anchorage runs out of fans. True story. can go on an impromptu adventure at 8pm in the summer and know you have hours of sunlight left, but in the winter you pop vitamin D pills and hope for the best.

Only in Alaska | Mallorie Owens washes have signs to inform people snow plows aren't allowed through the wash. buy a roll of quarters for your laundry and they accidentally give you a few Canadian quarters.

...the emergency food packs with dried food that lasts 30+ years in the local Walmart are all over the center aisles, instead of hidden in the back, for easy access.

...a group of high school kids walk past you and you overhear one of the girls say, "...and I was like, *GASP*, but then I realized it was just a black bear..."

Ohhhh, Alaska! Hehe, and now I have to ask, what kind of things are said/seen around town where you live that might seem funny/interesting to someone new?

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