Places to Visit in Juneau, Alaska ↠ Mount Roberts Tramway and Hiking Trail.

If you're wanting to see some of the best views in Juneau, Alaska (and why wouldn't you?), the best way to get them without having to hike for hours or pay hundreds of dollars for a helicopter is to head up on Mount Roberts Tramway. A fun little ride up the tram takes you up to the Nature Center, a rescued bald eagle, Timberline Bar and Grill, and a chance to hike up for even more gorgeous views of the Juneau landscape.

This is something I know I'll do again and again while we live here, it's so gorgeous up there and Dave and I want to eat in the restaurant next trip. I've heard they have pretty good food and the view is obviously a great one.

Of course, seeing Juneau from above is my favorite part, but I also really loved seeing the bald eagle. They are such amazing creatures and I see them fly through our yard almost daily, but seeing one close up was even better. And don't worry, she was hurt when they found her and she's being rehabilitated and has it pretty darn good in that cage. ;)

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