Places to Eat in Austin, Texas ↠ Maudie's Hacienda.

Dave and I stumbled on Maudie's Hacienda here in Austin, Texas one morning after my very first photo shoot. We wanted to celebrate and we were starving, especially me after all that squats and ab exercises I get in during a photo shoot. We were there just in time for brunch, complete with mimosas to toast my new career.

That was only a few months before we left Austin, but we went back several times after that first visit, because it was close and oh so yummy. Breakfast, lunch, name it, we ate it. So of course, that was one of the first restaurants we wanted to hit up as soon as we moved back to our old 'hood...

Maudie's Hacienda on Urbanspoon

If you live in Austin (or make a trip here), I definitely recommend making a stop here. Their margaritas are delicious- not too sugary or salty. Juuuuust right. ;) And so far all the food I've tried there is worth getting. I love that they have a "lighter" section and lots of vegetarian options. They also have a gluten free menu, that I can't vouch for myself, but nice to know they have it.

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