My thoughts on living in Alaska, so far...

Ever since we moved to Alaska, Dave and I have been asked constantly what we think of it and if we're enjoying it. And while there is the overwhelmingly huge YES that we usually answer with, when asked if we love it, there are so many extra emotions and thoughts that go with it so I thought I'd elaborate on here.

My thoughts on living in Alaska | Mallorie Owens

One of the things I have LOVED about Alaska (besides the obvious beauty of it all) is the weather this summer. I feel a bit guilty because apparently this isn't the norm here, it usually rains most of the summer and is much chillier than it has been. I guess I brought amazing weather, because it's been about 70 degrees and sunny almost every day since I've been here. To say it's heavenly is the understatement of the century.

My thoughts on living in Alaska | Mallorie Owens

Another thing that I've truly enjoyed so far are the people. Everyone in Alaska, for the most part, is so friendly and open to meeting new people. I love this! Since so many of the people here are either on vacations or haven't lived here their whole lives, there are amazing stories you can hear from just about everyone you meet.

My thoughts on living in Alaska  | Mallorie Owens

One downside to being here, that I knew beforehand but didn't think it would effect me as much as it has, is the time difference. It can be really hard being 3-4 hours behind most of our friends and family (and people in general). Either I'll get excited about texting my Mom or friends something and it's too late at night or accidentally call my Dad before I realize he's already asleep. It can be tough and make you feel a bit isolated. Especially when twitter and instagram go dead at about 9pm here...weird!

My thoughts on living in Alaska | Mallorie Owens

The one thing that is both one of my favorite things about Alaska so far and one of my least favorite things about Alaska so far all wrapped up in one is the midnight summer sun. I love the sunshine oh so very much and I hate to semi-complain, but I want to document all the ups and downs of Alaska for anyone who might be considering a move here or just wants to know what it's like.

Dave and I both really enjoy the fact that we can jet out at 8pm this summer and go on fun trips knowing that we will still have plenty of sunlight. It's so nice for the two of us (especially when combined with the 70 degree temps) to have sun after he gets off work so we can go on a run by the ocean and still see all the gorgeous landscapes. I also love that I can get plenty of work in (which requires lots of time at the computer) and still have time to enjoy the beautiful summer without feeling guilty.

But, and it's a very small but, having sun all day every day can wear on you. The way our condo faces, we have much more sun pouring into our place at about 6-9pm than we do in the morning/afternoon. Some days I love that and other days we both wish we could watch a movie in the dark. It may sound strange (and maybe it is?), I really didn't think I would have a problem with it...and 99% of the time I don't.

Ok, I might have rambled a bit, but for those of you who have been to Alaska or live in Alaska now...I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments on what the pros and cons of living here are! I know I'm in for a whole different ballgame come winter, but for now I'm just enjoying the summer for as long as it will last.