Iris Ann Owens ↠ 12 Month Photo Shoot. Our baby girl is one!

Our baby girl turned one on Sunday the 3rd and I still can't believe it! Iris Ann Owens, every day with you is more fun than the last. We are incredibly proud to call you ours and we can't wait to see how you much you grow and learn this year! We can't remember our lives before you came into this world and lit it up with your feisty spirit and tender heart. Thank you for coming just when we needed you most.

Her favorite things right now are:

  • roaring like a lion (all day long)
  • being chased (she laughs like a feigned)
  • chugging water (she get it from her mama) 
  • Peekaboo
  • Reading books, sometimes the same book over and over. Favorites are "Pout Pout Fish" and Animal ABC's
  • splashing water of any sort

My favorite things she does right now include:

  • crossing her ankles when she sits/sleeps
  • hugging (either when I'm holding her or she'll come up behind me and wrap her arms around me and say awhhh), 
  • dancing and singing to music, she shakes her bum and her little singing voice is THE sweetest thing

She can:

  • point out the lion and elephant of the fridge magnets
  • say: Dada, mama, bad dog (bed dug bed dug), lion (wion), ball (ba), hi
  • Shake head no (to my dismay, haha)

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