Our Breastfeeding Journey (9 Months In).

I recently came across The Honest Company's blog and the feeding stories other Mom's have shared and really wanted to share our experience so far! After a very quick delivery, Iris latched beautifully right away and my heart swelled ten thousand times over. She was a furious eater right from the start (just like her mama) and for that I am very thankful. I had wanted so badly to breastfeed her at least to the one year mark, and here we are at nine months, going strong!

Home with First Baby | MALLORIE OWENS

Before I had Iris, I had heard stories of mastitis, cracked nipples, and other painful scenarios that can halt your breastfeeding journey before you're ready. What I didn't know, was how painful even a good latching baby can be when you're first starting out. The best advice I got was from our pediatrician when she told me if I could take three deep breaths and get through the pain, we were doing alright and soon the pain would stop. Sometimes those three breaths would be long and through tears streaming down my face, but I was determined and eventually she was right. I would always get through the initial shock and pain of latching and over time I didn't need those three breaths at all. Now our feedings are a breeze! 

Our Breastfeeding Journey | MALLORIE OWENS

There are still times that breastfeeding is tough. Nine months in and Iris eats every two hours, almost around the clock. She doesn't take a bottle and I don't get much milk when pumping anyways. I'm extremely lucky to be staying home with her during this time or I'm not sure we would have made it this far. There have been countless feedings in the backseat of our car, bathrooms, and on airplanes. I don't know what I'd do without my husband helping out when I get stuck (in the best way possible) and bringing me endless water and snacks.

Our Breastfeeding Journey | MALLORIE OWENS
Our Breastfeeding Journey | MALLORIE OWENS

The experience is also amazing. I look down at her big blue eyes staring up at me and sometimes I still tear up. I look at my 95th percentile baby and am so proud of my body for nourishing our child and helping her to grow so fast and so strong. Fed is best and everyone has a different story with each child, but I feel very lucky to have made it this far with our baby girl. Even when her mama really, really misses sleep.