Iris' Birth Story: Part 2

...continued from Part 1. 

Terrible lighting, but my Mom snapped this photo in the restaurant bathroom during one of my many trips. 

Terrible lighting, but my Mom snapped this photo in the restaurant bathroom during one of my many trips. 

So, we drove home from the birth center and made plans with my Mom and Step-Dad for dinner later that evening. They had driven up, since Iris would be arriving that weekend one way or another and they wanted to be ready. I finished packing my hospital bag with the things I had waited to pack because I was still using them and laid down to rest. 

We headed to dinner around 7:30 pm, even though I was still pretty nauseous from the caster oil. I wanted to get out of the house and to have a distraction from thinking about being induced in the morning. I was still praying for a miracle and hoping my water would break any second. We ate at Ted's Cafe Escondido and we told the waiter I was two weeks overdue so he jokingly brought some really hot salsa for me to eat. I laughed and told him I've been eating some super spicy foods, but to bring it on! It really was spicy (and I can handle really hot food) and I'm pretty sure I ate the entire bowl. I had to go to sit in the bathroom a few times just to close my eyes and I couldn't really eat my meal, but I thought it was just the caster oil still messing with me. Looking back these were contractions and I was in labor, but I had no idea!

The later it got the more my hope was slipping, but I just knew there was still a chance and I was determined not to end up in the hospital the next day. My parents, Dave, and I walked (ok, I waddled) from the restaurant to Neman Marcus, which was up a pretty good hill. Did I mention I was determined to not be induced? We found a Halloween outfit for Iris and Dave picked out a Superman (girl ;)) bib. We all laughed when the checkout lady asked when I was due and I said I was two weeks overdue...seeing people's faces when I said that never got old.

We all parted and Dave and I went home to get to bed early and get some rest before our big morning the next day. Baby girl had other plans! At 3am, I went to the bathroom, but didn't need to go like I thought, so I laid back down. A little while later, same thing. Around 4:30 am I started going to the bathroom for longer and longer periods and I was having to do the low moaning they taught me to get through what I finally realized where contractions. Dave said, "Maybe you should call the midwife?" I told him I didn't want to call because my contractions weren't very long (but they were one right after the other) and she'd probably make me come in to be checked. I was going to be really mad if we did all that and I was still only 3cm, I didn't want to loose that much sleep just to be sent home upset. Dave reminded me I wasn't really getting sleep as it was...good point.

After talking with the midwife and telling her I was having contractions, she of course told us to come in. Dave told me to get dressed and relax while he loaded up the Jeep and got the dogs situated. By the time he was finished, I was laying on the toilet naked (a sight to see at 42 weeks pregnant). I said, "I can't get dressed, I can't get off the toilet!" He tried giving me his hand to help me up and I kept shaking my head and saying, "Nope, I'm just going to have the baby right here." And, of course, his response was, "Oh no you're not!" I said several times, "I'm going to have this baby on this toilet!" He was able to talk me off the toilet and help me up (thank goodness) and I slipped on the night shirt he bought me for delivery and after, which I got in my normal (non pregnant) size, so at this point it barely covered my belly. I told him I couldn't put pants on and he said that was fine since it was so late/early and no neighbors would be watching. If they were they really got a good show of this preggo slowly crawling into the Jeep! The thought of it still makes me laugh.

Just like all the ladies on the birth video said, the car ride was the worst part. I laid my back over the center console, because sitting up was really uncomfortable. This was about the point I kind of went into another frame of mind. The rest of the experience feels like a dream and some sort of crazy and amazing out of body experience. Dave was so excited to get to run all the red lights like he'd talked about for months. Thank goodness it was 5am and no one was on the road! We got to the birth center at 5:30 am and the midwife was waiting for us. I waddled in and had to stop a few times to moan it out. 

We finally got to the exam room and they helped me lay back to be checked and without hesitation she said in the calmest voice she could, "Umm, Mallorie, you're at a 7. What room would you like?"

Our birthing center had three beautiful rooms decorated and designed to feel like cozy bedrooms. The calming green room had been my first choice and she said it was available, and they scooted us in that direction. I hadn't decided ahead of time if I for sure wanted a water birth, I thought I'd go with what my body wanted in the moment. We took the water birth class and Dave was excited to catch if possible, but I wanted the whole experience to just flow and be calm.

Water Birth in labor at Birthing Center | MALLORIE OWENS

The idea of a bath sounded SO nice at that point, and actually I wanted one at home, but Dave told me to man. I climbed in and when the midwife asked if I needed anything I told her I brought lavender oil for my bath. She had to hold back laughter and said she didn't think I needed it. I laid back and just zoned out for what seemed like a few seconds of bliss, but it was realistically more like 15 minutes.

I started to try and climb out (it was a deep tub) and she asked where I was going and when I said the bathroom she told me I was fine in the tub. I said, "I have to POOP!" (so ladylike, don't worry, I didn't) and the midwife asked if I felt the need to push. I nodded and she kept saying don't push don't push don't push. And then my water broke. It was a puff of darkness in the tub and the midwife said it was meconium and I had to get out of the tub now

I lay on the bed and she checked me once again and I was at a 9! She was really surprised I was progressing so quickly and told me I that in fact could push now. YES! I was seriously so excited. I gave a few good pushes and just remember her saying, "Breathe Mallorie, breathe for the baby!" because I became some kind of animal I was so ready to meet my baby! The only part of the whole experience that made me hesitate was when I reached a point I felt like I was going to rip in two and I had been nervous about tearing, the midwife sensed my hesitation and told me I'd hit the "ring of fire" and to keep pushing. That really helped and I gave it my all. I heard them say there was a lot of hair and I pushed even harder. Then I heard Dave say, "Oh my gosh Mal, she's so beautiful, she looks just like you!" and I gave one last push....

Natural Birth in labor at Birthing Center | MALLORIE OWENS

...annnnnd I'm such a tease, but also feeling like this post is really long and this is a good point to start one last post. If you're still with me, I love you. Thank you for sharing my favorite experience with me. If you skipped most of the post...I don't blame you, I know it's really long, I just don't want to forget a thing! 

Part 3.