Iris Ann Owens ↠ 10 Month Photo Shoot

Ten months, that number took me off guard. How did we get to double digits, and HOW are we just over a month away from ONE? I'm not ready!

I think I've said this every month I've posted, but ten months is so much fun! Iris has started doing a big, hilarious, over-the-top grin when you say "CHEESE!" and it has me in tears daily. She's a non-stop talker at home and then (just like her mama) when we get out in public, she gets super quiet and stares people down if they talk to her...until she has a bit to warm up and then she's back to her loud (she gets her vocal chords from her daddy) chatterbox ways. She loves story time and her favorite books are the ones with animals in them, and she gets really excited when I get to the lions and "rawr". She also loves to growl and rawr all day long.

Iris loves her two older boy cousins, Hunter and Hudson (they are 10 and 5), and we don't worry about her holding her own with them! On the 4th of July, she was in the dog pile wrestling (they were being cautious) and having a shouting match with Hudson. We were all cracking up! I know she's going to love it when she can run around on her own with them and Hunter is already talking about when he can babysit her. 

Our wild and crazy girl also loves to be tossed around, chased, tickled, and to have her arms/legs/belly chewed. She does flips and I can't wait to get her in a baby gymnastics class this fall! She can stand alone and is SO close to walking. We think she could, but she gets unsure if you let go while she's walking and immediately sits down...see last pic. I'm ok with that, because the way she turns to make sure you have each of her hands in yours before she takes off is the sweetest thing...

Happy 10 months, love! Now to start planning her birthday party. Excuse me while I go look at all her newborn photos for the millionth time.