Easy Glitter Festive Eye Makeup Look.

Today I wanted to share a really easy glitter festive eye makeup look for those of you that might have some holiday parties coming up, or maybe you’re like me and just feel like upping the glitter factor for the holidays. Either way, this look is so simple and can be switched out for different colors and glammed up with major eyeliner and lashes.

Easy Festive Eye Makeup Look | Mallorie Owens

Products Used:

Concealer/Eye Primer:

Au Naturale Cosmetics Zero Gravity Foundation in Sand *+

Setting Powder and Contour:

Guize Face FX Contour Powder Collection in Moonlight +


Tarte Paaarty (similar shade: exposed) +


Morphe ES67 Petals +

Morphe ES6 Lustrous +


Lorac Supermodel

Lip Injection Lip Gloss


Anastasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown +

Burts Bees Brow Pencil in Brown *+


Pop Beauty Twinkle Texture Palette Purple and Purple Glitter

Morphe ES13 Deep Skin +

Morphe ES67 Petals +


Root Pretty Mascara *+

The * marks products that are non toxic and the + marks those that are cruelty free.

Easy Festive Eye Makeup Look | Mallorie Owens

This look is sooooo easy ladies! You can add a winged liner and lashes if you're wearing these eyeshadows to a holiday party or keep it low key like I did with just the shadows and natural lashes. Up to you!

Here’s how I got the look…

I primed my eyes with my Au Naturale Foundation stick and then “set” it by going all over the lid and blending out into the crease and up with Morphe ES13 Deep Skin with a blending brush.

Then, I applied the purple color from Pop Beauty Twinkle Texture with my finger. These colors are SOOOO buttery and easy to blend. With this kind of creamy formula I like to apply all over the lid with my finger and then blend out with the brush I used originally to make sure the golden nude color and this purple are seamless.

I added a few layers of the purple and more Deep Skin for blending and depth to get it just right.

Next I added highlight with the white color from the Twinkle Texture palette in the inner corner and Morphe Petals on the brow bone.

Purple Glitter Festive Eye Makeup Look | Mallorie Owens

I then did my brows, concealer, setting powder, contour, and blush. I added highlight on the apples of my cheeks, nose bone, and above the brows. I used Morphe Petals on the apples of my cheeks and Lustrous everywhere else.

Under the eye I packed on the purple eyeshadow with a thin eye brush and then blended it out with Morphe Deep Skin. Then, VERY carefully, I added the purple glitter from the Twinkle Texture palette under each eye. I might try with my finger next time and see if it takes less packing to get the desired effect, because that works best on my upper eyelid, but I was trying to be precise so I was using a thin brush.

I finished off by curling my lashes and adding mascara top and bottom. I let it dry and repeat once or twice to get them nice and curled.

Green Christmas Glitter Festive Eye Makeup Look | Mallorie Owens

Make sure to tag me on instagram if you try this look! I want to see how it turned out for you and what colors you chose and I’ll repost you on my stories as well. I played around in photo shop to show you what it would look like with green eyeshadow and silver glitter…what do you think?