Places to Visit in Austin, Texas ↠ Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park.

Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park here in Austin, Texas has always been one of my favorite spots to walk around and take pictures, or just enjoy a sunny day. In the Spring, there are gorgeous lady bluebonnets and wildflowers everywhere, it's almost impossible not to stop and snap a few pictures as you're walking along. On a nice weekend, this place is full of people sun bathing, boating, playing frisbee, and tons of dogs running around. I'm excited to take Atka there once it warms up a bit, I know she'll love it there!

I stopped by a few weeks ago on a 70 degree day in the middle of the week and loved getting to take in the peaceful surroundings...

If you're looking for a spot in Austin to lay out a blanket and have a picnic or do a little sun bathing, this is one of my favorite spots! For more places to visit in Austin, go here.