New Online Concert Series!

My husband, Dave Owens, aka Raven and the Dove is starting a new online concert series that starts on Monday! He'll be giving away a pair of Velodyne vFree Bluetooth Headphones at each concert the next three Mondays...we have a few pairs of Velodyne's (including the vFree) and LOVE them. Not to mention, they're a $300 value! All you have to do to win is buy a ticket (you name the price) and share the concert details on social media. That's it!

Dave Owens as Raven and the Dove | MALLORIE OWENS

I hope to "see" some of you at the concert on Monday. Let me know in the comments if you'll be there! And if you have any covers you'd love to hear, he's taking requests this weekend! In the meantime, you can hear a few of his songs, here.

Dave Owens of Raven and the Dove | MALLORIE OWENS

Also, we did a mini photo shoot last night to get some new promo pictures for the series and the new website (coming VERY soon!)...Dave's my toughest subject to photograph because he hates getting his picture taken and always has a very specific idea of what he wants. But I think we got some great shots and he always pushes me to be a better photographer. What do you think of the new pictures?