Places to Eat in Juneau, Alaska ↠ Canton House.

As much as Dave and I love trying out new restaurants, especially in a new city, something we love even more is finding a restaurant that we fall back on when we want to eat out somewhere we know we love. Here in Juneau, Canton House Chinese Restaurant has become that place. 

Canton House | Mallorie Owens

Canton House was one of the first restaurants we tried out when we moved to Juneau, and we have had great experiences every time we return. Something that I can't say for all of the restaurants in Juneau, sadly. It was on the list of places we had to take my Dad while he was in town, and it was Dave's choice for his birthday dinner this month. 

I love that they give you a tea kettle full of steaming hot green tea to enjoy while you wait for your food. Their sushi is incredible, but then again you can't really go wrong with ordering sushi in Alaska...I mean, the fish was just caught down the street! I love their kung pow shrimp and always say I'm going to try something new, but who am I kidding? Dave has loved all the chicken entries he's tried, and the lo mien is great, but don't order it if you like the typical thick noodles. We also enjoy the crab rangoons, if we feel like reeeeeeally splurging. ;)

Places to Eat in Juneau | Mallorie Owens
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Canton House | Mallorie Owens
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...and now I'm hungry. 

What's the go-to restaurant in your hometown? The one that always pops in your head first...leave me a comment and let me know! I'd love to add it to my wish list for someday.

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