Places to Eat in Juneau, Alaska ↠ The Rookery Cafe.

Dave and I have had our eyes set on making a dinner date night at The Rookery Cafe, pretty much since we arrived in Juneau in August. It's an adorable cafe in downtown Juneau, the sign with the bird drew us in and once we peeked inside we knew it was our kinda place.

Rookery Cafe in Juneau, Alaska | Mallorie Owens
Juneau Restaurant | Mallorie Owens

My Dad and I stopped in for coffee one afternoon while he was in town, which was a much needed pick-me-up and warm-me-up treat. Last weekend, Dave and I decided to do a dress up kinda date night now that I'm back to Juneau and The Rookery ended up being the perfect spot.

Rookery Cafe in Juneau, Alaska | Mallorie Owens

We started with the Artichoke Parmesan Dip and House Focaccia, it was fabulous. Dave and I like to think we're somewhat artichoke dip connoisseurs, we tend to get it as an appetizer most places that it's offered...and we really loved their take on it. I had the bimbimbap for my meal and it was equally delicious.

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