Places to Visit in Juneau, Alaska ↠ Montana Creek Trail (Brotherhood Bridge).

Montana Creek Trail was one of my favorite (and my most frequented) trail while we lived in Juneau, Alaska. It was located about a half mile down the road from our little cabin, so it was the perfect place to take Atka for a long afternoon walk on the days she (or I) was getting restless. It didn't matter how many times I walked this trail, I always felt like I was in the Enchanted Forest (Once Upon a Time anyone?). 

Montana Creek Trail is perfect for Juneau days when it's raining (so pretty much every day), because it's covered well almost the entire length of the trail. I'd still wear rain gear if it's wet out, but you won't be miserable and soaked. I preferred this trail in the Winter, it was so gorgeous when all the trees were covered in snow!

One of my favorite things about Montana Creek Trail was that there are multiple places to enter the trail, and while you're walking, there are multiple trails that go off the main path. This is great if you're like me, and don't want to walk the same trail over and over. I can't tell you how many times I walked this trail and I still didn't see it all. It's never boring! In fact, when I go back to Juneau next summer to photograph a wedding, I plan to make a trip back to my old walking trail. I'll just be missing Atka...

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