Current beauty favorites, summer beauty product fails, fall makeup tutorial, and thoughts on clean beauty products.

This post is packed full of beauty tips and current makeup favorites, a few beauty fails, along with a video talking about everything mentioned and a makeup tutorial using everything that's perfect for the transition to fall, so grab some popcorn and get comfy! I had a lot more than I realized to say about all of this, so this one is long and I have more on this all to come. 

I really hope these are fun and helpful for anyone trying to pick out new beauty and makeup products, I know I love watching and reading about products before I buy and just for fun when I need to zone out. If there is anything I mention you have more questions about or something you'd like me to cover please get in touch or leave me a comment below! I am not a makeup artist, but I do love trying new products and creating new looks. 

Also, next time I promise to do my hair before recording a makeup tutorial or another video. ๐Ÿ˜ I recorded this video once and my battery died SIX times, so this was a reshoot at the last minute when my husband took my daughter to the store and she fell asleep on the way. I had some time and had just hopped out of the shower!

Fall Clean Beauty Makeup Tutorial | MALLORIE OWENS

Here is the same look on a different day and with me looking down so you can see the Root Pretty natural and organic eyeshadows in action...

Current beauty favorites, summer beauty product fails, fall makeup tutorial, and thoughts on clean beauty products.

And here are the swatches of my favorite Root Pretty Eyeshadows, since sometimes it's hard to see in the video...

boots kat janessa roots cosmetics eyeshadow swatches.jpg

Why switch to clean beauty products and a few things I've found that are tough about making the change...

Your skin is your largest organ and many beauty products can disrupt your hormones (bad for fertility!), have headache inducing fragrances, and contain carcinogenic ingredients. Not good! That's why I'm currently working on making the switch when I can as I finish up current products.

Clean beauty products are hard to choose and purchase because most of the highest rated brands on EWG's Skin Deep Database and Think Dirty app aren't carried in stores for you to swatch and test beforehand. Plus, they can be a bit more expensive and it would be a bummer to try one and not like it when it's not a cheap drugstore product. I'm hoping that's where I can help you out, I plan to share all of the green beauty products that I try and love and those that don't work for me. I'm always honest in my reviews and that won't change!

The other, less important, problem I have with making the switch to clean beauty products is I am a sucker for pretty packaging and so many non-toxic beauty products just don't have packaging that makes me swoon. I think some package themselves in a more natural looking design to show off the fact that they are a clean beauty product and stay on brand? I'm not quite sure. But, if the product is that amazing it won't bother me too much, but I'll be honest when I say a pretty package will win me over in the beginning.

I hope this post and the video were helpful for you and please let me know if there's a company you'd like to see me try or any products you recommend in the comments!


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