Juneau Family Photographer | Lombard Family

I had photographed part of the Lombard family before, here, but was so happy they contacted me again to photograph their whole family while everyone was in town! They are such a fun, tight-knit group and I had a wonderful time getting to capture their time together.

And how cute are all the grandchildren?! I love that they have so many kiddos around the same age, these cousins will have so much fun growing up together. I died when I saw the twins in their coordinating outfits! SO cute.

They chose my top package, which includes a gorgeous leather bound album with 20 pages full of their images. I had already wrapped it up to present to them when I took the top picture, but I loved getting to see their faces as they went through the album together. BEST part of my job!

Family Photography Album | MALLORIE OWENS

McConnell Air Force Base Homecoming Photography | Krissy and Drew

I was so excited when Krissy contacted me about photographing her boyfriend's homecoming from the desert. Drew had been gone for several months and, of course, she was so happy to have him come home and wanted to have photographs to document the experience.

I mean, how cute are these two? So much sweetness and love you can feel it.

Getting to be a part of moments like these and capture it all...that's why I do what I do. It's so beautiful to get to witness these wonderful experiences in peoples lives and create something tangible for them to remember it all.

If you're significant other is stationed at McConnell Air Force Base, I'd love for you to email me at info.mallorieowens@gmail.com or fill out this form!