Iris Birth Story: Part 3

Part 1 and Part Two...and if the video I promised is all you wanted, here you go!

Our baby girl arrived at 6:38am at 7lbs 12oz and not only did she come fast and furiously, just an hour after we arrived at the birth center, but with a bang. A 5.6 earthquake hit just after and is the largest KC has felt! 

Iris immediately crawled up to breastfeed (if you haven't seen a video of that, it's crazy amazing!) and she had a great latch and was a good eater right away. Definitely my child! After I delivered the placenta and they made sure everyone was healthy, we spent our first hour alone, just the three of us. It was perfection. I know family wants to see the baby immediately, but we highly recommend taking the first hour to yourself to bond and have some quiet after the chaos. 


The midwives made me a big breakfast plate with an omelet, meat, and lots of other goodies that I can't remember because I was drunk on love and on a natural high from delivery, but I do know it was one of the best meals I've ever had and I devoured the entire plate. Dave was able to bring stuff to make himself an omelet in the kitchen. They also made me a BIRTHday cake to take home that I enjoyed over the next week. My kinda labor experience...if you're in the KC area, I highly recommend New Birth Company!

Then, my Mom and Step-Dad came in to meet Iris followed by my Dad and Grandma. Everyone was anxious to hold her, but we had been told by the midwives that the first few hours were really important not to pass Iris around, so we promised everyone snuggles later. 

One of the nurses came in while Dave was making breakfast and asked if I needed anything, I asked if she could grab the trail mix I had made from my bag (I was still hungry!). As she was sifting through my stuff she started cracking up and said, "Well, you really came prepared, didn't you?!" They had drilled it in our heads that first time Mom's have really long labors, so Dave and I had planned on it. I had packed: homemade muffins and trail mix, nail polish (HA!), extra clothes, essential oils, affirmation cards, a book, my laptop (with a playlist I worked really long and hard on that we listened to while we snuggled her after labor instead of playing during)...the ridiculous list goes on. 

Dad and Newborn Baby | MALLORIE OWENS

We went home around 11, just six hours after arriving, I wasn't sure I was ready but the nurse assured me I would be glad to nap in my own bed as soon as I got home. She was right! Crawling into our bed with our sweet baby was so nice and we both fell asleep immediately...after the dogs got a peek at the new member of the pack. 

Once we woke up, my bff since lower school got to come meet Iris with her Mom. It was so special and I'm really glad they were able to meet her on the day she was born! And later, My Mom and Step Dad came by with dinner and to hold her, I think they were a little smitten...

Grandma and Her First Grandbaby | MALLORIE OWENS

It was an overwhelming, wonderful, and all-consuming love at first sight for both myself and Dave. Our dark haired, furrow browed girl stole our hearts immediately and our love just continues to grow. We're so proud to call her ours! Some days I just stare at her in disbelief we've been blessed with this angel from above... 

I hope you (if anyone made it this far) enjoyed reading Iris' birth story! I'll be sharing my list of books to read for natural birth tips and tricks soon. If you have any questions about her birth or anything at all, just ask in the comments or email me!


Iris Newborn Photos Part Two

Ok, when I said only new photos of Iris from now on...I lied. My overly tired mom-brain failed me and I completely forgot about these photos of Iris with Dave and I. I really want to have these in this little online diary of sorts, so here they are. And since I already wrote out a post (one after balls, yum!), I'll keep this short and sweet. Other than the photo overload...

All I have to say is I cant believe she'll be 5 months in two days! She was so liiiiiiittle! Sigh. 

Now she's grown so much and lost so much some lose some. Hope you all are having a wonderful week and make sure to check out my newest energy ball recipe!