Places to Visit in Juneau, Alaska ↠ Herbert Glacier Trail.

One of my favorite (and longest, that I've been on) hiking trails in Juneau, Alaska is Herbert Glacier Trail. It's perfect for a rainy day, which there are a lot of, because all of the thick trees cover you the majority of the hike, so you don't end up sopping wet. At least when it's only drizzling or a light rain.

If you want to make it all the way to the end, and I recommend it, that's where the view of Herbert Glacier is...prepare for a very long walk. About halfway through there's a pretty lake with gorgeous mountain views and a nice bench to rest. It's pretty much all flat walking trails though, so it's not too terrible. Just make sure to bring food and water. And of course, watch for bears!

Anyone planning a trip to Juneau this summer? If so, let me know in the comments! I'd love to help with any trip planning/recommendations.

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Places to Visit in Juneau, Alaska ↠ Skater's Cabin.

Skater's Cabin in Juneau, Alaska is a fun place to stop on your way to (or from) West Glacier Trail. It has some of the best views of Mendenhall Glacier and (what looks like) a tiny Nugget Falls in the distance, which makes it a perfect photo opportunity spot.

There are also picnic tables, to stop and eat (make sure to discard trash, don't want to invite the bears) and the cabin is available to rent. One of my friends in Juneau got married here and I was asked to photograph the wedding, but sadly I already had tickets to fly home and visit my family for a few weeks so I missed out. What a gorgeous view for a wedding though!

The pictures below were taken last year after it was flooded, so the water isn't usually this high (see second pic)...

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