Places to Eat in Wichita, Kansas ↠ Wichita Brewing Company.

When Wichita Brewing Company first opened in Wichita, Kansas, Dave was asked to play at their opening night. We've been regular customers when we're in town ever since, and I'm SO excited they're opening an East location soon! They have great pizza and amazing hand crafted beer, it's worth forgetting the health food for a night. ;)

My favorite beers from Wichita Brewing Company are: Half-Wit Wheat and V.6 IPA...I'm dying to try their Yumkin Pumpkin, but we never seem to make it to town before they're all out. Some day I'll get them to save me a growler...or I'll just have to get to town sooner for the holidays...

We always have to get their spinach artichoke dip, because it's soooooo delicious. All of their pizzas are good, but my favorite so far is the 1337Z (pictured below) with shrimp and a handmade lemon cream cheese sauce...mmmm. And if you have enough room, or just want dessert, you HAVE to try the peanut butter s'more pizza. And now I'm sad we didn't get one last time...but we were stuffed after two appetizers, pizza, and a few beers.

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The place looks empty in my pictures, there were a few people that night, but we went during the week during an off time. Every other time we've gone, Wichita Brewing Company is always packed! Don't go starving on a weekend, get there a bit early if you can.

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