Places to Visit in Haines, Alaska ↠ Haines Brewing Company.

Our favorite stop in Haines, Alaska is always Haines Brewing Company. You can taste test their beers (I think it's a dollar or two now for one of their tasting glasses) and check out where the deliciousness is made. My favorite of their beers is Spruce Tip Ale. We've grabbed a few growlers both times now, and they're worth every penny.

The Brewery is located inside Dalton City of the Southeast Alaska Fair grounds, so if you stop by for some of the best pizza of your life, you can grab some beer to take home on your way out. Two birds, done and done. Although I just read they might be moving downtown this spring, so you might want to check the before you head out that way, but you should still go out there for the pizza and the other shops that are open in the summer...

Anyways, back to the brewery, you can also get some Haines Brewing Company beers at a few select restaurants and bars around Alaska. I know Fogcutter Bar in downtown Haines (where we first tried it) has some, Fireweed Restaurant (also in Haines) has it on tap, Island Pub on Douglas Island usually has one in rotation, and Hangar on the Warf occasionally has one or two. It never hurts to ask!

On our last trip, we filled up three growlers before driving through Canada and then most of the US. Sad story, one growler fell in our truck and to add to the pain of losing a growler of one of my favorite beers, the truck REEKED most of the way through Canada/Montana. Aye yi yi.

I will be back again, someday, Haines Brewing Company. And next time I'll make it home with all of my growlers. ;)

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Places to Eat in Haines, Alaska ↠ Klondike Saloon.

We stumbled on Klondike Saloon during our first trip to Haines, Alaska. We weren't really sure what to expect, since the Southeast Alaska Fair area (aka Dalton City) seemed to be deserted. I'm soooo happy we decided to peek our heads in, just in case. Best pizza ever.

Klondike Saloon | MALLORIE OWENS

There were a few fun White Fang memorabilia type items in the restaurant, since the restaurant is located in Dalton City- the movie set that was moved to Haines after filming. And if you're lucky enough to go when it's warmer, you can sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous view.

Klondike Saloon, Haines, Alaska | MALLORIE OWENS

If you ever find yourself in Haines, Alaska The Klondike is at the top of my list of places you must eat...right after you get a fresh basket of halibut fish and chips. ;)

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