Grandparent Gift Idea ↠ Nanagram.

I’m so excited to share this gift idea for the grandparents in your life today, because it’s something that we’ve gotten to gift to my Mom and Grandpa (Iris’ Grandma and Great Grandpa) and Iris has been loving it as well! It’s really a gift the whole extended family can enjoy. And it’s easy for us mamas to stay on top of it.

Grandparent Gift Idea ↠ Nanagram | Mallorie Owens

Nanagram is a photo subscription service that allows you to text or email your photos (we are doing the 10 per month plan) and then you can edit and add words to the photos if you’d like. It was so fun last month for my Grandpa, Mom, and Iris to all get a package of the same 10 photos printed out. Iris has loved seeing them on the fridge and flipping through them in her photo album.

You can add as many people as you’d like to your plan (each person added the price goes up, since they get printed photos as well) and anyone you choose can text or send photos by email to the number specified to your account. So if you and your sibling both want to split the 10 photos sent to your grandparent each month, you can! Group gift!

My tips are to favorite every photo you take, as you take it, to have them all in one spot when you’re ready to send. Also, I recommend editing your photos with your preferred method (mine are Lightroom and A Color Story app) before sending them to print. To me, it’s easiest to have them ready to go and in one place that way you can just select 10 photos quickly and text or email them when the time comes.

This service is great for so many types of family members, but especially grandparents since so many of them don’t use social media and may miss a lot of the fun moments you share. Nanagram is the perfect way to keep them in the loop and in a way that’s easy for busy moms.

The ability to send photos by text and a unique email address has made it so simple! The owner is also very responsive via email and the website, and it’s so comforting to know any questions will be answered quickly.

Who are you shopping for this season? Would you try Nanagram? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re interested in trying Nanagram, make sure to use my (non-affiliate) link: for 5 extra prints!

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Children’s Non-Toy Gift Idea for Christmas 2018. A gift they'll keep forever!

Today I’m sharing a toddler (and older child too!) non-toy gift idea for Christmas 2018. If you’re like us, you’re drowning in toys and stuffed animals and the thought of your child getting one million more for Christmas is a bit overwhelming! Iris just had her second birthday and we are so thankful she has so many people that love on her and showered her with gifts, but now I’m trying to figure out some non-toy ideas to tell people for Christmas.

Non-Toy Children's Christmas Gift Idea | Mallorie Owens

Side note: here is my sweater for those asking, it’s pretty much the comfiest sweater ever (I usually hate wearing them) and I’ve worn it more days in a row than I care to admit.

Our Luhvee Book that we got to design turned out so beautiful and I’m blown away by the photo quality. As a professional fine art photographer, I’m very picky about prints and photo books and usually am let down if it isn’t from my professional photo lab. Not only was I not let down by our book, I think the photos are really beautiful and a great way to get your photos off of your device and into your children’s hands.

Non-Toy Children's Christmas Gift Idea | Mallorie Owens

Iris is really into pictures right now, but we don’t love handing over our phones for her to scroll through all of our pictures. She also wants to read all day every day, so putting the two together was a no brainer for a birthday gift for her. I completed the first half of the book, with the help of the prompts, and Dave finished the second half.

We both keep journals for Iris, but I enjoyed putting a book together with thoughts and memories from both of us.

Plus, you can tell by a few of the photos that we love books and Iris has so many her bookcase is overflowing onto the floor beside it, her closet, and her armoire. She has another bookcase full of board books in the living room! But, this Luhvee Book will always be so special.

Non-Toy Children's Christmas Gift Idea | Mallorie Owens

I’m about to go on a tangent here, but I’ve always preached the importance of printing your photos in this digital age. Children need to see the photos we love of them and the whole family together on our walls, fridges, and printed books. Just like we did as kids! It is even good for their self esteem and feeling of inclusion.

Things like zoo passes, tumble classes, etc are so wonderful and helpful for us parents as Christmas gifts, since we buy those anyway…but I know they aren’t as fun for the giver sometimes. I know people love to give tangible gifts, which is why I wanted to share Luhvee Books with you guys! Plus, this is something that won’t end up tossed or donated (yes I know some toys and animals are kept as well, but some are not) and I love the idea of Iris reading this when she needs a pick-me-up years from now.

Non-Toy Children's Christmas Gift Idea | Mallorie Owens
Non-Toy Children's Christmas Gift Idea | Mallorie Owens

Make sure to check out my quick video below for a better idea of the quality of Luhvee Books! And make sure to use code MALLORIEO20 for 20% off.

Now I need your help in the comments, what is your favorite non-toy gift idea?


This post was not sponsored, but we did receive a complimentary Luhvee Book for consideration. All thoughts and opinions are my own.