Places to Visit in Haines, Alaska ↠ Haines Eagle Festival.

It just so happened, that when we drove through Haines, Alaska on our trip to the Lower 48, Eagle Fest was happening. I heard about Eagle Fest when it was too late to make arrangements the year before and was dying to go, so I was so excited to be driving through with so many of these amazing creatures flying around on our way through town.

We had an eagle nest across the river from us at our place in Juneau, and they would always fly over our house/backyard. I never knew how big and tall they are! Such beautiful birds...

I drove Dave crazy making him stop every few minutes so I could run down to the streams, where they were hunting, and capture the eagles. My pictures don't even show how many there were around. So cool to see them all and they let you get pretty close.

Of course, if you want the full experience, I recommend actually buying tickets to Eagle Fest and you get bused to the spots with all the eagles and are able to hear the other photographers speak. I'm sure it's a lot of fun, and in one of my favorite Alaskan towns.

And speaking of Haines, I didn't realize until I was writing out my schedule for January, I have enough Places to Visit and Eat for Haines that it will take up the month of January on the usual Wednesday spot for the travel posts...get excited! ;)