Spring in Alaska...almost.

I hate to talk about the weather and I hate to brag, but...we had THE most gorgeous weather the past few weeks. Downright perfection. I could ask for it to be teeny bit warmer, but beggars can't be choosers. It was glorious...until it wasn't. 

Now we're getting more snow (whyyyyy) and lots of rain, but I'm holding out hope that this weekend is going to be as wonderful as they're saying. In the 50's AND sunny? Sign me up! I want to get out and take pictures, especially since my new (to me) Canon 5d Mark II is supposed to be here tomorrow and I can not wait.

Mountain Reflection | Mallorie Owens
Mendenhall Glacier Trail | Mallorie Owens
Dock in Juneau, Alaska | Mallorie Owens

I'm already planning all kinds of adventures for my new camera, rain or shine I'll be taking a million pictures this weekend. I've waited for what seems like forever for this and I'm soooooo excited. What do you have planned for the rest of your week?