Places to Visit in Juneau, Alaska ↠ Gold Creek Flume Trail.

Gold Creek Flume Trail in Juneau, Alaska is a great easy hiking trail near downtown Juneau. We tried this trail for the first time in May when we made a trip for a wedding I photographed on top of Mendenhall Glacier (photos to come!). It was so nice to find an easier hike after all the uphill trails we'd done already that week. Especially since I was 26 weeks pregnant at the time. 

This hiking trail has great scenery and the relaxing sound of the water rushing...more so if you go on a rainy day like we did. It wasn't pouring when we went, just a light rain, but Flume Trail is a nice covered walking area for those rainy Juneau days. My Dad and I were amazed by the giant wooden bridge we had to drive over to get to Flume Trail, I've never seen anything like it. 

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Also, I've had an increasing number of site visits from people wanting travel info for Juneau as they head there on their summer adventures. If you're heading there soon (or planning your dream trip for someday), I'd love to know any questions or topics you'd like covered besides just my Places to Eat and Places to Visit posts! Leave a comment with anything you'd be interested in having me cover: packing tips, my top picks (if you're stay in Juneau is short), etc. We lived in Juneau for two years I've traveled there too, so I'd be happy to answer any questions!


Places to Visit in Juneau, Alaska ↠ Herbert Glacier Trail.

One of my favorite (and longest, that I've been on) hiking trails in Juneau, Alaska is Herbert Glacier Trail. It's perfect for a rainy day, which there are a lot of, because all of the thick trees cover you the majority of the hike, so you don't end up sopping wet. At least when it's only drizzling or a light rain.

If you want to make it all the way to the end, and I recommend it, that's where the view of Herbert Glacier is...prepare for a very long walk. About halfway through there's a pretty lake with gorgeous mountain views and a nice bench to rest. It's pretty much all flat walking trails though, so it's not too terrible. Just make sure to bring food and water. And of course, watch for bears!

Anyone planning a trip to Juneau this summer? If so, let me know in the comments! I'd love to help with any trip planning/recommendations.

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