Maternity Photo Shoot at 36 Weeks

This is the part of our/my maternity pictures that makes me feel completely narcissistic, since I'm sharing a bunch of pictures of just me. But I don't just tell my clients it's important to capture this fleeting moment of such a special time in our lives, I truly believe it. I can't wait to show these to our baby girl someday, I'm still trying to decide which ones to print for her nursery.

So, Dave and I headed to Loose Park here in Kansas City and I set up the camera for him to get these shots of me and my growing bump at 36 weeks. He did such a great job capturing the light and getting the focus spot on! I'm one proud photographer and thankful he understands how important documenting our life is to me...

Don't worry, part two (37 weeks) we did pictures of both of us, so the next post won't be all me again. ;) Now I'm 39 weeks (on Saturday) and working on operation evacuation. Walking, birthing ball exercises, red raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose name it, I'm trying it. 

I'm so torn though. On one hand I want her to stay comfy cozy and loving every moment that's just between the two of us as she wiggles in the womb, and on the other hand I feel like I've been pregnant forever and I can't wait another minute to meet her. I never realized what a mind game the end of pregnancy is!

At this point, her nursery is all finished (or as much as it's going to be for now) and all her clothes and gear has been cleaned and put away. We just need to pack our bags for the birthing center, hers is packed! Any tips on what is a must or what can be left at home? Pretty please? I think my list is a little too long and I'm known to be a complete over packer. Help!


Purple and Pink Sunset.

It's pretty few and far between that we get an actual sunset experience here in Juneau, it's either raining or overcast most days. But when we're graced with one, you better believe they are unreal. I was out photo session location scouting one night with Dave and Atka when the sky gave us an amazing display of pinks and purples. It was worth the wait.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of sunny days and fall-like temperatures. Dave's playing a show at McGivney's Irish Pub here in Juneau, if you're in town show starts at 10pm! What are you all up to this weekend? Do you have Fall weather yet or is your city hanging onto summer?